Paris Kuaför was founded in 1957 by Hakkı KUTLUGÜN and Hayati Pirlepe. In the mid-60’s Europe’s biggest male and female hair salon containing both men and women hairdressers was established.

Since the opening date of the salon the customer profile has been consisted of male and female clients not only from the politics and art society but also of very exclusive names.

Paris Kuaför has focused on the multi-branch concept since 1991.

Every year since the early 90s, with the cooperation of L’oreal, our creative team plans, produces, shoots and promotes our hair and make-up collection and transfers it to the media and its crew. Employees keep their artistic achievements and education as there number one priority. Paris Kuaför educates its team in its own organization. In addition many successful names have arisen from our brand which proves our leadership in this sector.

Since the founding of Paris Kuaför its philosophy has been to keep Turkey up to date with new innovations in fashion by working together with hairdressers and fashion designers around the world and bringing inspiration to its staff with continuous technical, administrative and professional development.

These are the principles that our 55 year old brand has not given up on;

  • Continuous customer satisfaction
  • The loyalty within the workers and customers.
  • Understanding of quality services,
  • Trained colleagues,
  • Honest communication,
  • Being a pioneer in innovation,
  • To have new products in all our branches,
  • To introduce world fashion to our team and customers.